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"We need leaders focused on helping all people, uniting our community, and investing in our children and our future. Dr. Liz Olhsson's vision for Lakehaven Water and Sewer does exactly that, focusing on ensuring universal access to water and sewer AND the opportunity for all represented by publicly funded internet infrastructure. She will stand up for children and families across the Lakehaven District and fight to protect their safety and prosperity from local climate change impacts."

Claire Wilson
30th District State Senator

Jamila_4x5 (1).jpg

"Dr. Liz Olhsson has a lifelong passion for human rights and will fight for universal access to water and sewer for the entire Lakehaven community, including vulnerable homeowners, renters, and people without homes. Her environmental science background will add valuable expertise and an important sense of urgency as the Board of Commissioners addresses the impacts of climate change at the local level. And, she has innovative plans that will improve our broadband infrastructure ensuring every resident and small business in the region has access to high-speed internet."

Jamila Taylor
30th District State Representative


"Dr. Liz Olhsson shares my goal to center equity and community in everything she does. Her vision for the Lakehaven Water & Sewer District can help increase justice and opportunity for all. Universal access to water and sewer is a tough, progressive fight worth having. So is her desire to invest in everyone's future with public internet infrastructure and environmental justice-focused climate change planning."

Dave Upthegrove
King County Councilmember, Positon 5


"Dr. Liz Olhsson's spotlights on both climate change and environmental justice will serve the people of the Lakehaven District well in the coming years. She is committed to taking care of both the environment and the community; for example, by working to reduce the Lakehaven water and sewer infrastructure carbon footprint for the future of our planet, while ensuring everyone has the basic human services they need to survive the present." 

Joe Fitzgibbon
34th District State Representative


"We need more leaders focused on envirnmental leadership, building collaborative community relationships, and creating economic opprtunity for all. Dr. Liz Olhsson is committed to protecting and justly managing the waters of Lakehaven District for both its people and the environment. Her goal to build on exisiting public sewer infastructure to lay liber for afforable public broadband is a fight for equity in education and prosperity for her whole community."

Kristin Ang
Port of Tacoma Commissioner

Larry Brown 2019.jpg

Larry Brown
President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Mona Das
47th District State Senator

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