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Education: PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, UC Berkeley; BS Physics/Mathematics, University of Oregon

Occupation: IT Systems Engineer and Project Manager at Local Aerospace Company

As a climate scientist and mom with a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, I believe that water rights are human rights – everyone should have access to clean, safe water and sewer.  I bring over 15 years of systems engineering, project management, problem solving for local businesses, and scientific research to the fight for equitable utilities that elevate the safety and prosperity of our entire community.

This year we endured heat waves, droughts, and wildfires.  Climate change is on our doorstep, but the empowering reality is that climate adaptation is local.  There is a clear need for bold, environmentally just approaches to access, affordability, and sustainability of our water and sewer.  As your Commissioner, I will pursue climate-resilient infrastructure like wastewater recycling and rainwater collection; extend the moratorium on water/sewer shut-offs; and strive to connect our community with water, sewer, and affordable high-speed internet. 

Together we have the power to protect both the environment and one another, and I would appreciate your vote.

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