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The Lakehaven District serves roughly 112,000 people of diverse backgrounds and experiences who face a common set of needs: water, sewer, and internet systems that are accessible, affordable, and sustainable.  I am running for Lakehaven Water & Sewer Commissioner Position to fight for residents of Federal Way, Auburn, Kent, Pacific, Tacoma, Milton, Des Moines, and unincorporated King County as we push for our basic services to meet our needs.  


As your Commissioner, I would bring the following principles to my work on your behalf: 

  1. We must take local action on climate change adaptation immediately. Planning and building climate-resilient infrastructure is vital to protect ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and the environment.

  2. In a modern and moral society, everyone should have access to clean, safe water and sewer.  By expanding the existing COVID-19 moratorium on water and sewer shut-offs into a permanent climate emergency moratorium, we can ensure our community retains access to these basic services through future public health and safety challenges.

  3. As a local employer, Lakehaven's Board of Commissioners should be as pro-worker, pro-union, and pro-workplace-diversity as possible.  I believe that Lakehaven's unions have made it stronger, and will work to promote partnership between the district and its workers. 

  4. We must embrace a framework of environmental justice and commit ourselves to
    the great challenge of our time: to ensure that everyone survives and thrives in our
    changing world. Starting with vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by
    climate change, we can and must protect both the environment and one another. We will
    leave no one behind.

  5. It is crucial that we actively seek out new opportunities for our community to become better connected and more efficient.  This includes utilizing the new Washington municipal broadband law to pursue affordable high-speed internet for all.